Ykee Benda

Why Ykee Benda cautions fellow musicians against performing in Saudi Arabia

Singer and Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda has issued a cautionary message to his fellow Ugandan musicians, advising them against accepting performance opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

This warning comes after hearing about the alleged arrest of fellow musician Fik Gaza for performing without the necessary legal permissions while on a visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

Expressing his concern, Ykee Benda highlighted the risky nature of performing in Saudi Arabia, particularly due to the actions of music promoters in the country.

He revealed that these promoters often engage in rivalries and conspire to have musicians arrested, creating a hostile environment for artists.

Drawing from his own personal experience, Ykee Benda vowed never to perform in Saudi Arabia, as he believes it is not a suitable environment for Ugandan musicians.

Ykee Benda

In light of these circumstances, Ykee Benda urged his fellow musicians to exercise caution when accepting bookings from Saudi Arabian promoters.

He emphasized the importance of resolving any grievances or concerns beforehand to ensure a conducive working environment for all parties involved.

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By doing so, musicians can protect themselves from potential legal issues and safeguard their reputations.


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