Ugandan Celebrities

Ugandan Celebrities Join Global Stars to Express their Dissatisfaction After Twitter Took its Legacy Blue Checkmarks

Ugandan celebrities have joined global stars to express their dismay following Twitter’s deactivation of their legacy verification checkmarks.

Following Tony La Russa’s lawsuit against Twitter after someone impersonated him on the social media platform, Twitter added the verification tool in 2009.

However, the “blue check” grew to be seen as belonging to an elite group, which forced the platform to suspend the program for four years before resuming it in 2021.

Towards the end of 2022, Twitter introduced the Twitter Blue service, which saw users pay for verification at 8$ a month.

Ugandan Celebrities

Later, Twitter CEO Elon Mask explained how he intended to stop using all old verifications and users who required verification to pay for the service.

1st April 2023, was the deadline initially set to pay or lose the blue check mark for all legacy verified accounts.

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The deadline was extended to April 20, and by the time the day was out, all legacy verified accounts had lost their legacy budges.

In a similar vein, users who paid for the Twitter Blue service are using it and are required to pay $8 per month and $84 annually.

Several users globally have maintained that they are not planning to pay for the verification, despite being impersonated.


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