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UK expat Christine accuses Andrew Kyamagero of failure to pay her hard-earned Ugx 150M

Renowned journalist Andrew Kyamagero is the talk of the town after failure to pay a UK-based Christine her money amounting to Ugx 150M.

While speaking in a phone interview with YouTuber Farouk, Christine revealed that she gave Andrew Kyamagero money, and she has all the evidence from bank statements, and audio recordings, that would cement her claim.

Christine stressed that she had purchased three pieces of land from Mr. Balukaluba in Nakasajja worth Ugx 180M. However, Mr. Bakaluba delayed delivering the necessary land title documentation to prove her ownership.

After being concerned about losing her money due to ownership delay, Christine requested help from journalist Andrew Kyamagero who diligently toiled and recovered her money from Mr. Balakuba.

Kyamagero hence garnered Christine’s trust, and before advising her to invest in some ventures in Uganda.

Andrew Kyamagero

Christine was so quick to trust Kyamagero, as she gave him money in two installments, with the first being Ugx 100M, and another Ugx 50.

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However, the investments failed to yield fruits, and Andrew Kyamagero has since failed to reimburse the money. It is at this point that Christine took the matter to the media to hold the journalist accountable for repayment.

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