Vampino Beddriden, Battling Typhoid

Dancehall singer Vampino is currently receiving intensive medical care due to his recent contraction of typhoid fever.

In a video shared with his followers, Vampino can be seen receiving medication through a cannula, showcasing the seriousness of his condition.

Vampino has acknowledged that his illness was caused by consuming unpurified water and has pledged henceforth he will be boiling his drinking water.

He went on to cast suspicion on Spice or Sheebah water brands, suggesting that his sickness might have been caused by them.

Vampino’s vulnerability and transparency have garnered immense support from his fans and well-wishers, who have flooded his social media accounts with messages of encouragement and prayers for his speedy recovery.


His intention in sharing his journey is to serve as an inspirational source for individuals encountering comparable health issues.

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Typhoid is a prevalent ailment among the population of Uganda and is thought to originate from the consumption of water that has not been boiled or the utilization of unsanitary utensils.


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