Vampino Inconsolable After Losing His Patinum Rose Gold Sunglasses Valued USD 1,000 At Serena

Singer Vampino is currently experiencing intense distress and frustration as after losing his valuable platinum rose gold sunglasses.

Vampino claims that the sunglasses were not just any ordinary pair of shades, but they were worth a whopping USD 1,000 and had purchased them to add to his already impressive collection of designer eyewear.

The incident occurred while Vampino had graced singer Azawi’s just-concluded concert, at the luxurious Serena Hotel over the weekend.

He notes that he had left his sunglasses on the table which he had booked with colleagues, while he went out for a quick walk.

Upon his return, he was taken aback to discover that his sunglasses were nowhere to be found. He then pondered why someone would take something of such value that did not belong to them.

Vampino deeply regretted his decision not to sell the sunglasses to one of the individuals who had expressed keen interest in purchasing them.


During the interview, Vampino intended to collaborate with the venue staff in order to locate his sunglasses. He possessed a strong belief that he would successfully find them, as they were accompanied by an application that facilitated the quick tracking of their location.

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It remains uncertain whether the singer successfully located his expensive sunglasses, and we are still awaiting further information. Rest assured, we will keep you informed.


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