Vampino Urges Government to Extend Night Events Past Midnight.

Singer Vampino has expressed his desire for the government to extend night events beyond midnight.

Almost a decade back, the Kampala city regulatory body KCCA implemented stringent bylaws, tasking outdoor events not to exceed midnight, or they risked losing the money deposited ahead of the event.

However, the law tremendously impacted the music industry, as some acts fell short of showcasing their talents due to limited time.

At the conclusion of Azawi’s performance, last week, Vampino proposed that the government should consider extending the end time to improve the overall experience for both attendees and performers.

Vampino adds that extended event durations would yield favourable economic consequences for vendors, who market their products within the vicinity of the event location.


He emphasized that Uganda has not yet achieved the level of development required to enforce such laws, and their enforcement only burdens its citizens.

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