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Video of Alien Skin Attributing His Success to Satan Causes a Stir | VIDEO

Fangone Forest Entertainment chief and singer Alien Skin is on the spot over attributing his success to Satan.

Alien Skin-born Mulwana Patrick is one of the Ugandan musicians that are currently at the peak of their musical careers.

For the years the singer has been in the limelight, he has established a strong musical grip, a wide fan base and a growing music catalogue.

However, based on the video making rounds on social media, Alien Skin attributes the aforementioned achievements to Satan.

Based on the video accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Alien Skin can be heard singing one of the gospel songs that honour God, but he sings it the reverse way, praising the devil for freeing him from bondage.

Alien Skin

The video has since elicited mixed reactions among internet users, with some castigating the singer claiming he is defying God.

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On the other side, some people have pointed out that the video is outdated and that the banter was simply Alien Skin trying to loosen up during his old young days.

Have a look at the video below;


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