Vinka Revitalizes Management Contract With Swangz Avenue

Sony’s recording artist Veronica Lugya alias Vinka has today revitalized her management contract with the industrial area-based record label.

The mother of one started laboring with Swangz almost a decade back, as an artists manager before embarking on an active music career as per her boss’s request.


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In February 2017 Veronica signed a long-term record deal under the stage name Vinka, and since then she has never looked back.

She then signed a recording contract with Sony Music in 2018, to propel her brand to greater heights. Sony however retained Swangz Avenue for management and that relationship has been reaffirmed.


Upon proving her musical prowess topping charts year in and year out, her management saw it wise to renew her contract with the label for an undisclosed number of years.

Swangz Avenue revealed the exciting news via their social media platforms, where they thanked Vinka for trusting and working with the label amicably.

We wish her all the best.


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