Viola Nakitende

Violah Nakitende Nursing Injuries After Collapsing During a Performance | VIDEO

Singer Violah Nakitende is in excruciating pain after collapsing during one of her performances.

A few days back, former Mwoto sound singer Violah Nakitinde was hired to perform at a marriage ceremony in Kampala.

Midway through her performance, as she was ushering in the brides, she stumbled on a wet, slick carpet after being betrayed by her high-heeled shoes and fell clumsily to the ground, much to the delight of the audience.

Based on the video cited by Exclusive Bizz, the event guests can be heard shouting ‘sorry’ to the singer.

The ‘Tosimuula’ crooner braved through amid a lot of embarrassment and proceeded with the performance.

Viola Nakitende

She later went to the hospital, where she was diagnosed and revealed that she hadn’t suffered any major injuries.

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According to the singer, she is currently experiencing pain around her limbs, but she is certain she will be fine since she received treatment.

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