Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

Vivian Tendo, Fiance Moses Tinsley Take Wedding to Mombasa Kenya

Singer Vivian Tendo and his fiance Moses Tinsley have taken their wedding nuptials to Nairobi Kenya.

As you read this, Vivian Tendo and her fiance Moses Tinsley are in the last steps of holding their long-awaited wedding.

The couple held their engagement, Kukyala, and introduction ceremonies months ago and their wedding is the final step before they may become legally married.

According to sources, Vivian Tendo, her fiancé Moses Tinsley, and other wedding guests have been travelling to Nairobi all this week in preparation for the momentous event.

Vivian shared pictures of herself cuddling with Moses Tinsley at the beach as they prepared to say “I do” with the caption, “This is the day the Lord has made.”

Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

According to information gathered by Exclusive Bizz, the wedding would take place at one of Kenya’s most prominent beaches, Voyager Beach in Mombasa.

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The love birds are expected to hold their wedding today 15th July 2023 and we shall keep you posted as more details emerge.



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  1. My dear favorite singer, Vivian Tendo, I’m so glad for your holy matrimony. You know marriage is what God made as a source of happiness to every human being. I sincerely wish you a happy marital life full of GOD’S BLESSINGS….

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