Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

Vivian Tendo’s Husband Moses Tinsley Scoffs at Critics Claiming He is Too Old to Be Married to Singer.

Singer Vivian Tendo’s husband Moses Tinsley has addressed the critics who have been questioning their age difference.

Despite the constant speculation surrounding their relationship, the couple today celebrates their five-month anniversary, prompting Tinsley to express his gratitude for their journey together.

Moses Tinsley began his Facebook post by showering Vivian Tendo with praise, describing her as his charmer.

He highlighted her godly nature, intelligence, beauty, and hardworking attitude, emphasizing the qualities that drew him to her in the first place. It was evident that Tinsley held his wife in high regard and was proud to be her partner.

Vivian Tendo, Moses Tinsley

Confidently dismissing their marriage critics, Tinsley suggested that they should redirect their focus towards finding partners their age.

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With a touch of humour, he cheekily mentioned activities like P.E. and Ludo, implying that these were more suitable for individuals of a similar age.


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