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Vocal Trainer Essie Accuses Shakira Shakira’s Manager of Failing to Pay For Her Services

Renowned vocal trainer Essie has expressed her frustration with singer Shakira Shakira’s management for their failure to pay for her services.

According to Essie, she was recommended by someone she prefers to keep anonymous to provide vocal training services to singer Shakira last year. They agreed upon a specific amount of money, which also included transportation expenses.

However, during her time working with Shakira, Essie encountered a cough that severely affected her vocal abilities, making it nearly impossible to continue with the vocal training but she was willing to resume duties upon recovery.

To her surprise, Shakira Shakira’s management, represented by Mukaaya, refused to honour the agreed payment, claiming that Essie had only worked for four days, which the trainer strongly disagrees with.

Furthermore, Essie reveals that Mukaaya has been avoiding her and does not answer her calls unless she uses a different phone number.

Shakira Shakira

In an attempt to seek assistance, Essie reached out directly to Shakira Shakira herself, but unfortunately, she received no response adding more frustration to the vocal trainer.

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In light of these circumstances, Essie has decided to share an audio recording expressing her dissatisfaction with Shakira Shakira’s management. She emphasizes that she simply wants to be paid, regardless of the amount.


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