Warafiki Girl Trio Drops “Tetubafanana” New Song | AUDIO

The Warafiki, consisting of three talented girls, Tori (Victoria Mbabazi), Eyla (Damalie Nalugwa) and Treezy (Patricia Debra Nakalembe) have dropped a brand new song dubbed “Tetubafanan”

The trio, have been making waves in the music industry since signing with Fenon Records. With their recent release of their latest single “Tetubafanana”, they continue to captivate music lovers with their unique sound and lyrics.

Following the success of their debut song “Bwekati”, which received an overwhelming response from their growing fanbase, the trio has been eagerly awaited for their next musical offering.

“Tetubafanana” does not disappoint, as it showcases the group’s growth and maturity since the beginning of their music journey.

In this new track, Warafiki delves into the complexities of love and relationships. They express their desire for their love to flourish and not follow the same path as any other people.


With their soulful harmonies and emotive delivery, they convey their dedication to their partner and their commitment to nurturing their relationship.

“Tetubafanana” stands as proof of the collaboration between the trio and the talented Fenon Records team. Meshpan, Joel Keys, and Steve Jean have skillfully crafted a captivating and refined sound that flawlessly enhances Warafiki’s vocals and lyrics.

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With their second release, Warafiki continues to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Listen to the audio below;


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