Bajjo Events,

Why Bajjo Events Believes Allocating Daily “Kameeza” Money is An Unnecessary Practice

Renowned events promoter Bajjo Events real name Andrew Mukasa firmly holds the belief that allocating daily money for “Kameeza,” to his partner, is an unnecessary practice.

In his perspective, as the provider for his household, he ensures that all essential needs, including food and other necessities, are met.

Consequently, he sees no reason to leave behind additional money for his mistress to utilize. However, Bajjo’s stance on this matter is not solely based on financial considerations.

He raises concerns about the purpose and potential misuse of this money. He questions whether Kameeza might utilize the funds to reserve a lodge or engage in sexual activities with other men without his knowledge.

Bajjo Events,

These suspicions and doubts cast a shadow over the necessity of allocating daily funds for his partner.

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Bajjo conveyed his opinions while participating in a video appearance with media personalities Bina Beibe and Doreen Nasasira. However, the two ladies criticized him, perceiving his behaviour as being overly cautious with his finances.


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