Chance Nalubega

Why Chance Nalubega demands payment despite not traveling to London to performance

Renowned veteran singer Chance Nalubega has demanded payment from the organizer of the gladiator show in London, despite not being able to perform at the event.

Just before the show, Chance Nalubega, along with Gabie Ntaate and Bettina Namukasa, was removed from the lineup due to travel document issues.

This unexpected turn of events left the singers feeling disappointed, especially after canceling other commitments to prepare for the Lonhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Londondon show.

Chance expressed her frustration at the loss she incurred by not being able to perform, emphasizing that she had turned down several bookings in preparation for the London show.

She called on the event organizer to compensate her for the inconvenience caused, highlighting the financial and time investments she had made.

Chance Nalubega

Furthermore, Chance Nalubega mentioned that she has not yet received her passport back, despite the expenses incurred in processing it.

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She warned that legal action would be taken if the organizer did not return her passport and payment promptly.


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