Why Sheebah and Spice Diana’s Fans are Tearing Themselves Apart Online

Towards the end of this week, singers Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana’s fans got embroiled in a bitter online exchange.

The rivalry sparked following Spice Diana’s decision of unfollowing and deleting all the photos she once shared with Sheebah since they had followed each other moments after mending their relationship.

The development left Sheebah’s fans with a sour taste in their mouth, before taking to their Sheebaholics fan pages to express dissatisfaction.

These revealed that Spice Diana’s friendship with Sheebah wasn’t genuine and that she had her coveted intentions which upon failing to attain she went ahead to unfollow the former on Instagram.


Sheebah karungi, Spice Diana

On the other hand, Spice Diana’s fans could not allow their idol’s name to be dragged through the mud, hence retaliating with the same vigor.

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As you read this, the two camps are still exposing each other’s dirty linen, whenever an opportunity arises.


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