Winnie Nwagi, Bizzy Nateete

Winnie Nwagi to take legal action against Bizzy Nateete who claimed to be the father of her daughter

Singer Winnie Nwagi has made it clear that she intends to take legal action against upcoming singer Bizzy Nateete for defamation.

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has decided to sue upcoming singer Bizzy Nateete after he publicly claimed to be the biological father of her daughter, Destiny Mirembe.

These claims made by Bizzy Nateete have caused quite a stir on social media, leaving many netizens questioning their authenticity.

However, on Thursday of this week, Winnie Nwagi released a statement addressing the situation. She emphasized that the rumors circulating on social media are completely unfounded and without any basis. She also pointed out that the individual behind these claims seems to be seeking attention.

Winnie Nwagi made it clear that she is actively pursuing legal action for defamation, as these false claims have caused significant damage to her reputation.

Winnie Nwagi

She also expressed her concern about the distress and bullying that her daughter has faced at school as a result of this situation, which she finds unacceptable.

Additionally, Winnie Nwagi wanted to assure her fans worldwide that any videos claiming to show the alleged individual at her residence are completely fabricated and not filmed at her actual location.

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She expressed her deep gratitude for the ongoing support and love from her fans, stating that their solidarity serves as a heartfelt reminder of their appreciation for her.


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