Mikie Wine, Pauline Kemigisha

“With You I am Always at Peace.” Mikie Wine to Pregnant New Catch Pauline

Singer Mikie Wine real name Micheal Mukwaya has reassured his pregnant new catch that he is always at peace with her.

In 2022, singer Mikie Wine parted ways with his baby mama Shazney Khan with whom he shares two sons over reportedly infidelity.

Following Shazney Khan exiting Mikie Wine’s marital home, the singer found peace and solace in Pauline Kemigisha.

However, Mikie Wine has always remained tight-lipped about ditching Shazney and dating Pauline, claiming he preferred to keep his family affairs off the public domain.

Pauline and Mikie recently made their affair social media official and their bond is seemingly growing stronger with each day that goes by.

Mikie Wine

The couple embarked on building a family together, and now share a son, and Pauline is expecting their second child soon.

According to the videos accessed by Exclusive Bizz, Mikie Wine and Pauline are blissfully enjoying every bit of their relationship and were seen touring the world together.

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Taking to one of Pauline’s latest TikTok videos comment section, Mikie Wine expressed how grateful he is to the former for always making him feel at peace whenever he is with her.

With you I am always at peace….Thank You

Mikie Wine


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