Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda Vows to Fight till His Last Breath Amid Custody Battle With Baby Mama Julie Batenga

Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda real name Wycliff Tugume is embroiled in a bitter child custody battle with his baby mama Julie Batenga.

Several years back Ykee Benda ended his romantic relationship with his longtime partner Julie Batenga with whom he shares a gorgeous son Dante Quain Tugume.

Ykee Benda moved on and set out in a new relationship with a lover identified as Emilly, before making their romance social media official in August this year.

While taking part in an interview with Galaxy TV’s Deep Talk show with Mr. Henrie, Ykee Benda revealed that after falling out with his baby mama, he was deprived of his rights to access his son for a while now.

Ykee Benda notes that despite having their indifference as parents, their son is innocent, and shouldn’t be involved in their wrangles.

Ykee Benda

Benda continues by emphasising that he is aware of how much they both care about their kid, which is one of the reasons why he has never sought to settle the dispute in court despite meeting all essential criteria, he wants everything settled the amicable way.

The singer further makes it known that the baby mama cut off communication with him, as he could no longer access her via calls or WhatsApp yet they had initially agreed to implement a few things that will benefit their son.

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To his son, Ykee Benda notified Dante that no matter what happens in his life, he has a hero and father who is going to fight for him until his last breath on this earth, before asking the baby mama to do the right thing for the sake of their kid.

To the mother of my child, I had no intention to sit here and talk about our family lives. My only challenge is there is a lot that happened between me and you and we have a very big history the only thing I am asking for is to let us give the boy a chance. We have made our mistakes but that boy is innocent you know how much I love him, and I know how much you love him that is I’ve never gone to court.

But I’ve had opportunities to go to court many times. All I am asking for I want to do this in an amicable way. I don’t have you on my phone, or WhatsApp but I last contacted you pleading to do a few things together for the sake of the future of that boy. You neglected all that and I know what came next. I am asking you if you have God you believe no God supports what you’re doing to that boy.

To My son, of course, I know the day he will not be young forever Dante Quian Tugume, I’ve done this interview and it is the only time I am doing it your father loves you so much. Everything you have gone through the last four years despite being marked by ups and downs there is one thing you should know your father loves you so much. I don’t know what decision your mother is going to make my son, I’ve asked her, but I don’t know what she is going to do because this is not the first time I have done so.

I want you to know that no matter what happens in this life you have a hero, you have a father who is going to fight for you till my last breath on this earth. Those are my words.

I go back to you the mother of my child’s life is not over there is still hope for a better day for all of us please let us do the right thing that will benefit our son because he is a blessing in both our lives.


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