Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto completes her studies and graduates as a professional DJ

A while back, renowned media personality Zahara Totto took the direction of a female DJ, to supplement her journalism career.

To enhance her skills, Zahara Totto attended Skillz Clinic, an NGO in Uganda that focuses on providing training in creative arts, digital technology, and vocational skills to address youth unemployment.

At the graduation ceremony held at Eden Grounds in Kamwokya today, Zahara was among the many individuals who received their academic qualifications.

With her newly acquired skills, Zahara Totto is now ready to showcase her DeeJaying abilities and increase her financial earnings.

Zahara believes that her unique combination of skills in media and DeeJaying will set her apart from other DJs in the industry.

Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto’s journey from media personality to certified DJ is an inspiration to many. She has shown that with determination and hard work, one can pursue multiple passions and excel in different fields.

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Her success story serves as a reminder that it is never too late to learn new skills and pursue one’s dreams.


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