Zahara Totto and Boda Rider

Zahara Totto Embroiled in Verbal Argument With A Boda Rider Over Failure to Pay Ugx 50K | VIDEO

Media personality Zahara Toto has found herself in the spotlight as a Boda Boda rider exposed her for failing to fulfil her payment obligations.

A video capturing the incident has since gone viral, showcasing a heated argument between Zahara Toto and the rider, who claims that she did not honour their agreement for services rendered.

In the video, the rider insists on being paid Ugx 50K, while Zahara Totto, visibly frustrated, urges him to stop hitting her car.

The tension escalates as Zahara Toto attempts to defend herself by using her shoe to retaliate, but the rider remains steadfast in demanding his money.

Eventually, Zahara Toto drives away in her Toyota Harrier without settling the payment.

Zahara Totto

It is important to note that incidents like these are often viewed with scepticism, as they are sometimes perceived as publicity stunts employed by celebrities to generate attention for their projects.

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While it is unclear whether this incident falls into that category, it has undoubtedly thrust Zahara Toto into the spotlight and sparked discussions among the public.


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