Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan Reveals Her Photos in Rwanda Were Edited to Make Her Look 90

Socialite Zari Hassan alias Zari the Bosslady has responded to the recent photos circulating on social media over the course of this week.

Zari Hassan recently travelled to Rwanda for her annual End of Year All White Party series at the Wave one of the famous hangout spots.

However, the photos taken during her visit did not meet her expectations, and they were used by social media trolls to criticize her appearance.

In response, Zari expressed her frustration on Snapchat and did not hold back in her criticism of her detractors.

Zari Hassan

She believes that the edits made to her photos were done by individuals who are envious of her beauty and the immense success she has achieved over the years.

Furthermore, she emphasized that people who have seen her in person can easily distinguish between the edited photos and her actual appearance, making it difficult to deceive others into thinking she looks older than she is.

@exclusive_bizz Zari Hassan responds to critics. #zarihassan #fypシ @Exclusive Bizz ♬ original sound – Exclusive Bizz


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