Zzina Awards 2024 Nomination List

Galaxy fm and Tv are proud to announce the highly anticipated return of Uganda’s most prestigious music awards, the Zzina Awards 24.

Taking place on Thursday, February 8th, 2024, at the renowned LUEA Auditorium, this event will honor and celebrate the exceptional talent of Artists, Producers, Best Fans Team, Songs, and Songwriters for their remarkable contributions throughout the year 2023.

As always, this grand occasion is set to be one of the most significant events of 2024, attracting renowned celebrities and influential stakeholders from the Ugandan music industry.

Be sure to check out the impressive list of nominees, which includes rising stars like Ava Peace, Fik Gaza, Biswanka, and many more.

Zzina Awards

Best Fans Team

Sheebaholics Fameicans
Spice Gadgets Fangone Soldiers Team Eddy Kenzo B2C Soljas Cindicates

Best Inspirational Song

Ebiseera – King Saha
Tosobola – Sheebah
This Year – Omega 256
Ampisawo – Rema
Hallelujah – Nina Roz + Pastor Wilson Bugembe Dreams – Joshua Baraka
Abantu – A Pass
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Best Song Writer
Dokta Brain Daddy Andre Nessim Fyno
Ronnie On Dis Shena Skies Young Levy Ink Stained
Best LugaFlow/Rap Song
Okwepicha – Gravity Omutujju
Chaw Chaw – DJ LL + Fik Fameica
Influencer – Feffe Bussi
Did I Die (Remix) – Hatim & Dokey Ft Sheebah, Feffe Bussi, Vampino & D’Mario Bwe Paba – Fik Fameica + Sheebah
My Guy – Bigtril Ft Fik Fameica Chai Wenjaye – Omutume Planet Banga – TomDee Ug
Buzibu Bwo – Feffe Bussi Ntondo – Recho Rey
Beautiful Mami – Rickman Manrick

Best LugaFlow/Rap Artist

Fik Fameica Feffe Bussi Gravity Omutujju Recho Rey Rickman Manrick
Best Producer
Daddy Andre Sekret
Banga Boi
Aban Beats Dropper Beats Challenger Chemical Ali Nicer Bass Boi

Best Dancehall Song

Chekecha (Remix) – Karole Kasita Ft Vinka, Winnie Nwagi Shabada – Mudra + Ava Peace
Bailando – Vinka
Empele – Crysto Panda
Banana (Remix) – Fik Gaza + Jose Chameleone Njabata – Hatim & Dokey
Party – Alien Skin
Bend & Pause – B2C
Fire – Cindy
Tetunazina – Karole Kasita + Gravity Omutujju Tonzijukiza Lockdown – Alien Skin

Best Dancehall Artist

Fik Gaza Mudra
Alien Skin Karole Kasita Crysto Panda Cindy
Hatim & Dokey

Best Comedy Content Creator

Maulana & Reign CB Talker
Jose Chakala Taata Kimbowa Uncle Mo
Mickey Seems 2 Funny Brenan Baby Namuyomba Comedy Amooti Omubalanguzi Maama Peshe
Maama Brighton

Best Contemporary Urban Song

Let It Rain – Chosen Becky
Risk – Vyroota
Believe – Dax Vibez + Vinka
Nothing – Elijah Kitaka
Nana – Joshua Baraka
Ontunulemu – Biswanka
Uberman – Zulitums
Ndabula – Carol Nantongo + B2C
Cinderella – AnKnown Ft Rickman Manrick Sugar Mama (Remix) – JPC Again + Jowy Landa Onsanze Ndaba – Kataleya & Kandle
Last Chance – Acidic Vokoz
Owooma – McSan Mr Finelines
Pretty Pretty (Remix) – King Saha + Feffe Bussi

Best Contemporary Urban Artist

Elijah Kitaka Acidic Vokoz Joshua Baraka B2C An-Known

Best Afro Beat Song

This Year – Omega 256 Ngenda Nawe – B2C Nkujukira – Sheebah Tonight – Rema
Hajji – Vivian Mimi
Nyiga Wano – Carol Nantongo Salary – Ugaboys Ft Selecta Jeff

Buwoomi – Green Daddy
Ten Over 10 – Azawi
Kawoowo – Lydia Jazmine Binyuma – Pallaso
Balippila Boda – Eddy Kenzo Wana Wankya – BentiBoys Africa

Best Collaboration

Bwe Paba – Fik Fameica + Sheebah
Chekecha – Karole Kasita Ft Vinka, Winnie Nwagi
Believe – Dax Vibez + Vinka
Banana (Remix) – Fik Gaza + Jose Chameleone
Shabada – Mudra + Ava Peace
Pretty Pretty (Remix) – King Saha + Feffe Bussi
Tetunazina – Karole Kasita + Gravity Omutujju
Cinderella – An-Known Ft Rickman Manrick
Did I Die (Remix) – Hatim & Dokey Ft Sheebah, Feffe Bussi, Vampino, D’Mario Mitwe – Alien Skin + Daxx Kartel
Twafuna – Vyroota + Jowy Landa
Mukisenge – Crysto Panda + Winnie Nwagi
Ebibozi Bya Boda – Fixon Magna, Daxx Kartel, Zinna Man
Singa – Lydia Jazmine + John Blaq
Nyenyezamu – Alien Skin + Chief Meddie

Best Male Artist

Alien Skin
Fik Fameica Eddy Kenzo Vyroota
King Saha Gravity Omutujju
Best Female Artist
Sheebah Vinka
Spice Diana Karole Kasita Cindy
Winnie Nwagi

Breakthrough Artist

Fik Gaza
Acidic Vokoz Joshua Baraka Ugaboys Omutume Planet Ava Peace
Elijah Kitaka

Song Of The Year

Party – Alien Skin
Bailando – Vinka
Okwepicha – Gravity Omutujju
Chekecha (Remix) – Karole Kasita Ft Vinka, Winnie Nwagi Empele – Crysto Panda
Risk – Vyroota
Chai Wenjaye – Omutume Planet
Nana – Joshua Baraka
Shabada – Mudra + Ava Peace
Tonzijukiza Lockdown – Alien Skin
Salary – Ugaboys

Artist Of The Year

Alien Skin
Fik Fameica Vinka
Gravity Omutujju Sheebah
Eddy Kenzo
King Saha


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