CELEBRITY NEWSBruno K has disclosed who spearheaded his Facebook page to be hacked...

Bruno K has disclosed who spearheaded his Facebook page to be hacked and deleted

Towards the end of last year, singer Bruno K was rapidly hit hard by setbacks. After the singer lost his baby mama, hackers took over control of his Facebook page with over 600,000 followers.

Huckers claimed ownership for almost two months, posting content contrary to the singer’s area of business.

You all know how social media is very vital towards pushing artists’ music, this was a heavy blow to Bruno right!

Bruno K


Bruno K born Bruno Kiggundu was delighted after recovering his Facebook with the help of IT expert Joseph Owino. He joins the growing number of artists who have recovered their accounts from hackers like Fik Fameica and others

However much Bruno K recovered his page, hackers had made some changes to the page initials, it lost its verification badge and served violation punishments after continuously going against the Facebook community standards.

He however assured his fans that everything will get back to default settings after some time.

The singer added that the people he initially worked with were behind this. He stressed that his friend who works for Black Market Records heard them claiming responsibility for the activity.

Bruno goes ahead and explains that he used one password for YouTube and Facebook and he only shared it with his former record label. Bruno K confirmed that his former management paid Chinese to hack his page with the intent of deleting it.

Bruno K

It should be recalled that Bruno K terminated his working contract with the USA-based record label last year following claims that they were cheating him among other factors.

He vowed to deal with the label after fully recovering his Facebook page.

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