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“I am Always Occupied By My Family to Hangout With Fellow Musicians in Bars” – Cindy Sanyu

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu Okuyo reveals that she has no time to hang out with fellow musicians in bars as she is occupied by her family and other duties.

During her debate with Sheebah recently, Cindy was asked why she doesn’t frequently engage with fellow musicians just like the former.

In her response, Cindy acknowledged hardly interacting with fellow musicians, pointing out that she is less concerned about being everybody’s friend.

She continued by saying that in light of being married and having three children, her schedule became so tight that she seldom engaged in unconstructive meetings with various musicians.

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy added that she cut ties with several musicians as they often spend the majority of their time drinking in bars, and she wouldn’t take such a direction.

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The self-proclaimed King Herself further stressed that apart from being a parent, she is the president of UMA, and her role comes with a tight work schedule as she has to lobby for the musicians, as well as engage in several meetings with the parliament.


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