CELEBRITY NEWSI can pick Bobi Wine at his weakest point - Bebe Cool

I can pick Bobi Wine at his weakest point – Bebe Cool

Bobi Wine and Bebe cool’s feud is one of Uganda’s legendary rivalry that started many years back. These two’s feud is characterized by harsh words, music battles, and negative energy thrown at each other. Their discord reached its most famous heights when Bobi wine Joined Politics standing as a presidential aspirant under his political party ‘’People power’’. His nemesis launched a campaign to stand in his way in order not to achieve his goal.

However much these two may have their misunderstandings, Bebe cool recently disclosed that their beef comes to a halt when it comes to their families. He added that he can attack Bobi wine left right and center but he will always pick him up when he is at his weakest point.

‘’I have no strong reason to wish Bobi Wine death. However much we have our personal differences’’ Said the Gagamel chief.

We pray to see these two make peace one day.


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