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Singer Baby Deo Beats Up Best Friend Upon Learning He Wanted to Sleep and Sire Kids with His Wife | VIDEO

Local Kadongo Kamu singer Baby Deo was embroiled in a physical altercation with a best friend accusing him of having an intention to sire kids with his wife.

Baby Deo claims that Juma and he have been good friends for about 17 years. He has been supporting Juma’s phone repair and accessory business and vowed to never purchase a phone from any other retailer.

When Deo’s wife needed a new phone, they stormed Mutungo Biina where Juma resides to support a friend’s business as usual.

In the process of transferring the wife’s old phone’s data to her newly acquired phone, she needed to make an urgent call, and Juma was quick to intervene, availing his phone to be used in order not to interrupt the data transfer process.

Little did Deo know that his best friend had developed a crush on his wife. The latter later cunningly called the last dialled number on his phone, which availed him of the singer’s wife’s phone number.

Baby Deo

Juma embarked on sending her text messages and promised her a brand-new ride if she accepts and they sire kids together.

Being a faithful wife, Deo’s baby mama addressed the matter to him, and the singer hit the recording studio and released a number of songs urging his best friend to leave his wife alone.

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This didn’t deter Juma from pursuing his goal of sleeping with his best friend’s wife.

This got Baby Deo to the nerve, before revealing his grievances in an interview with renowned Youtuber SB4 media.

Juma was summoned to the show, and when he tried to dispute the claims, Baby Deo delivered him kicks and as many obscenities as he could recall before pledging to castrate him.

Have a look at the video below.

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