NEWSIn a cryptic Post, Eddy Kenzo Responds to Doreen Kabareebe's Disparaging Remarks...

In a cryptic Post, Eddy Kenzo Responds to Doreen Kabareebe’s Disparaging Remarks to Baby Mama Rema.

Big Talent chief and singer Eddy Kenzo has cautioned socialite Doreen Kabareebe against chasing clout and cheap popularity in a cryptic post.

A few hours back, USA based socialite Doreen Kabareebe had no kind words for singer Rema Namakula in reponse to the latter’s reveration that she never allows men to touch her body because she wants to set a good example for her children.

“I don’t allow men to touch me because I want to teach my children to respect their bodies. My actions matter and I want them to emulate me,” Reads a screengrab making rounds on social media.

Upon Kabareebe crossing paths with Rema’s remarks on social media, she immediately responded and stressed that people should refrain from criticizing others based solely on their appearance and instead pay attention to what they do behind closed doors.

“Kasita oba nga you have kids in different men nga ate wazaala tebanakuwasa (you gave birth before getting married). There’s no decency there. True character isn’t judged by what we wear but rather our real behaviour when no one is watching us,” Kabareebe noted in the comment section.


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Kareebe’s remarks however, might have not settled well with Rema’s ex lover and baby daddy Eddy Kenzo, who took to social media to dinounce the socialite’s move.

In a video Kenzo shared via his Facebook account, he noted that the smartphone and social media generation has seen people make dangerous decisions that might ruin their futures ahead.

The artist went on to say that pressure from cheap fame and social media likes has led to many people making decisions that would have an impact on their entire lives.

It is at this point that the stamina crooner cautioned social media users against jumping on this band wargon, and rather protect themselves and dignity because cheap popularity doesnt work.

However, internet users were quick to parse the singer’s claims, pointing out that they were intended at Kabareebe in light of the socialite’s most recent outbursts.


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