Jose Chameleone

“It Was Self Defense” – Jose Chameleone’s PRO Management on the Singer Hitting Bod Boda Rider

Jose Chameleon’s management has issued a statement detailing the incident in which the singer struck a Boda Boda rider.

Earlier today, a video clip depicting Jose Chameleone hitting a Boda Boda rider several times for scratching his car caused a stir online.

In the 51 seconds video, the Bayuda crooner could be seen embroiled in an altercation with a Boda Boda cyclist before hitting him with a cane he pulled out of his car, a range rover.

According to a statement made by Stuart Kagolo, a member of Chameleone’s public relations team, the event occurred on November 17, 2022, when the singer was traveling back to his Seguku home.

Jose Chameleone

The declaration also discloses that the Boda rider’s collision with Chameleone’s car, which scratched the left side of it, caused the altercation.

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Additionally, the Boda Boda rider verbally abused and threatened Chameleone, resulting in the singer reacting in self-defense.

The seen incident was in self-defense as the charged Boda Boda rider tried to approach.

The incident is regrettable and could have been avoided. Similar incidents will be handled better going forward. reads partly the statement


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