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My Tombstone Should Be Etched “Chosen Becky Loved Dictator Amir” – Chosen Becky

Songbird Rebecca Kwikiriza alias Chosen Becky has revealed that when she breathes her last, her tombstone should be etched “Chosen Becky loved Dictator Amir”.

It is no secret that the singer Becky and her partner Dictator Amir have one of the most inspiring relationships among the A-listers.

Having met a few years back, the pair embarked on a romantic voyage, which has withstood all the negative criticisms that surrounded them.

In 2020, the pair expanded their family when they welcomed their baby boy whom they christened Heather Mutebi Amir.

As the singer turned 23 years a few days back, she was treated to a surprise birthday party, which was graced by close friends and family.

Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

It is here that Becky and Dictator Amir complemented each other with sweet nothings, before vowing that only death will do them apart.

Becky went on to stress that when breathes her last, her tombstone should be engraved with “Chosen Becky loved Dictator Amir so much”.

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When asked about officiating their relationship, Becky maintained that she doesn’t want to pester her man into proposing to her, but she is confident that Amir is considering it.

Becky went on to say that Dictator Amir is hers alone and that their love is permanent, before mentioning that they’ve begun to resemble each other.

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