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Why Sheilah Gashumba Thinks Couples Should Limit Wedding Invitation List to Close Friends and Family

Sheilah Gashumba, a socialite and media figure, has shared her thoughts on the importance of just inviting close friends and family to a wedding.

African couples have a tradition of inviting almost all village residents, family members, and friends ahead of their wedding rituals.

However, Sheilah Gashumba believes this is an outmoded setting, and henceforth couples should hold meaningful weddings open to a few invited guests who wish them absolute happiness.

Sheilah added that by just inviting a small number of close family members and friends, couples can avoid having attendees who only intend to criticize or spread hate under the pretext of family or friends.

Sheilah Gashumba

The NBSAfter5 host emphasized once more that instead of inviting over 500 guests to impress them, couples should spend the money to invest in their marriage and refrain from choking on debts over weddings.

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The socialite made the revelation following a close friend Eze’s jaw-dropping wedding experience in South Africa, where she was invited with her boyfriend Rickman Manrick

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