GOSSIPZari Hassan Reveals Why She Ended Her Relationship With Diamond Platnumz

Zari Hassan Reveals Why She Ended Her Relationship With Diamond Platnumz

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan used the new reality show platform to get a few things off her chest that transpired during their relationship.

Appearing in the reality series that premiered on Netflix on Friday 18, 2021, Zari revealed that the Tanzanian singer and father to her two kids left her alone pondering her next move.

Zari Hassan

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Zari detailed that she would be there for Diamond, deny for him, and stood by him during his worst and best moments but the singer always did the contrary.

The mother of five further explained to her ex-husband that for the 20 times she shielded him, he only returned the favor twice.

Diamond Platnumz

The self-proclaimed boss lady noted that she was on different occasions attacked with her kids and expected Diamond to be there for her as the head of the family, but the singer always turned a deaf ear to her outcry.

Baba T, you know I was here for you. Like I would deny for you, I would take a bullet for you. But every time I did that for you, stood for you, you did the opposite. The 20 times I did that for you, you only came through two times, when I did 20 times.

I and your kids were being attacked. I had nowhere to hide, Baba T. I believed you were my partner. you being my partner, you’re supposed to be the head of the family. Your job is to protect me, guide me, lead me, advise me. You didn’t do that for me.

I was left alone, standing, thinking, “where am I supposed to go?”. You were supposed to be there for me. You were never there for me. Where was I supposed to go?

It is for the reasons stated by Zari among other factors that compelled her to quit the estranged relationship.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Paltnumz have two kids together, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. The two resorted to co-parenting after their once power couple hit a dead end.


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