Fik Gaza, Jose Chameleone

Fik Gaza reveals he recovered Jose Chameleone’s stolen iPhone hence their friendship

During an interview with Galaxy FM, Fik Gaza shared an interesting story about how he assisted in the recovery of Jose Chameleone’s stolen iPhone, which ultimately led to their friendship.

According to Fik, Chameleone’s phone had been taken by some thugs. Fortunately, Fik Gaza had some leads on the possible culprits, so he decided to help retrieve the stolen device.

Upon recovering the phone, Fik discovered that it had Chameleone’s son, Abba, as the screen saver. This crucial piece of evidence allowed Fik to return the phone to its rightful owner, the Leone Island boss.

Their friendship blossomed from that moment of trust and loyalty, with Chameleone expressing his gratitude for Fik’s quick thinking and determination to help him out.

Jose Chameleone, Fik Gaza, Sanyu Remix jose chameleone and fik gaza

Fik Gaza’s quick actions not only helped Chameleone recover his stolen phone but also paved the way for a lasting and meaningful friendship between the two talented musicians.

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Since that incident, Fik Gaza and Jose Chameleone have developed a strong bond and have collaborated on numerous music projects together.


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