MUSICIs Vamos’ Ayaka Song Likely to be Uganda’s Kwanjula and Wedding Anthem?

Is Vamos’ Ayaka Song Likely to be Uganda’s Kwanjula and Wedding Anthem?

Marriage ceremonies in Uganda such as Weddings, Introductions, and proposals actually have particular songs attached to them.

Local musicians that perform love songs or pen lyrics truly provide color to these rituals in the local music scene.

These singers are both upcoming and also established artists. And among the new entrants is Vamos 256 and gaging by his new song, he could be one artiste to give us good and sing-along love lyrics for the rest of his career.

Vamos 256 broke out in the music scenes with Konkona, a song he did shortly after he was signed to Fenon Records and managed by Night sky Talent Management.

Few months after Konkona, a love song was released, Vamos 256 recently the audio of Ayaka featuring saxophonist Joseph Sax, a song that took social media and marriage ceremonies by storm.


The song Ayaka is a love song that gets Vamos pour out sweet love songs of how he is looking for the woman of his life and that whoever knows about her whereabouts will be rewarded with money.

In the song, Joseph Sax blends in well with the sound from his favorite musical instrument, the Saxophone.

As the audio has been making rounds, the singer and his team on Wednesday released the visuals of Ayaka on his YouTube channel.

The video was shot by Edrine Paul and the audio produced by Steve Jean at Fenon Records together with Joel Keys, an in-house producer at Fenon.


Just like the Konkona video, Ayaka video was shot partly on a boat somewhere on the shores of Lake Victoria and in a night Club comes out as clear with the shoot having happened on the perfect sunny day.

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In the video, Vamos maintained his attire which included a suit from the beginning to the end.

Watch Ayaka video below.

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