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Jose Chameleone’s Father Likens Gravity Omutujju’s Grudge Against His Son to a Dog that Barks at an Elephant

Singer Jose Chameleone’s father Mr. Gerald Mayanja has likened Trouble Entertainment singer Gravity Omutujju’s grudge against his son to a dog that barks at an elephant.

For the past few months, Gravity Omutujju’s relationship with fellow singer Jose Chameleone has been at rock bottom.

The rift between the two singers saw Gravity Omutujju jubilate in light of Jose Chameleone’s concert mishap that was meant to take place on 10 February 2023.

However, Chameleone silenced all his doubters after defying all odds and holding a successfully rescheduled Ggwanga Mujje concert at Cricket Oval Lugogo on 24 February 2023.

Jose Chameleone

Among the revelers, were Chameleone’s parents Mrs. Prosssy Mayanja and Gerald Mayanja, who had no kind words for their son’s critics.

While addressing the media, Mr. Gerald Mayanja questioned where Gravity gets the audacity to criticize a blessed person like Chameleone.

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He stressed that Gravity is so inferior compared to Jose Chamelone, before likening him to a dog that barks at an elephant.

Having started working in 1969 and purchased his first car in 1970, Mr. Mayanja noted that he has never looked back, attributing his success to blessings that he as well passed on to his family.


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  1. my boss chameleon Bambi don’t wory in success always there some obstacles blocking ways, but tofayo your still the legend artist.God is always ahead with you and 🌹🌹🌹 mayanja family at large. big up I love you dear respect 🦁 Island

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