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“My Mother Always Pestered Me to Become a Traffic Police Officer” – Grace Khan

Singer Grace Khan revealed that before joining music, her mother had suggested that she joins the Uganda Traffic Police.

Grace Khan would not have given the music industry songs like Njakufa Naye, Nenoonya, and many more if she had followed her mother’s advice to join the Traffic Police.

In a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, Grace talked candidly about her professional path and admitted that despite her musical talent, her mother frequently tried to talk her out of pursuing a career in music in favor of becoming a traffic cop.

Grace Khan

Khan further narrated that her mother’s choice was influenced by the antipathy she had toward music and the belief that such a career path would corrupt the singer’s morality.

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However, she was able to overcome her mother’s objection, and ever since she entered the musical world, she hasn’t looked back.

Have a look at the video below.

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