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Nince Henry Lists His Car for Sale After Starving for Days and Musical Peers Failing Help Him Financially

Singer Nince Henry real name Sekyanzi Henry has expressed his dissatisfaction with his musical peers for vehemently ignoring his financial outcry.

Musicians have been speaking out about the disunity in the music business all this week, with Nince Henry being the most recent.

Through his socials, Nince Henry revealed that the last two weeks have seen him starve in his house and struggle to make ends meet.

He notes that his last resort was to run for assistance from his fellow musicians, but since he was seeking assistance, the majority never picked up his calls.

Nince Henry

Nince Henry emphasizes further that because of his limited resources, he was unable to pay his video director’s balance; nonetheless, because he was desperate to release the song, the director was forced to pardon him and provide the video in exchange for his promise that he the singer will pay in the near future.

Even after receiving the music, he was unable to raise the money needed to distribute the song and ensure that it received the right amount of broadcast.

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It is for the aforementioned difficulties that Nince Henry has listed his Mercedes Benz car for sale, in an effort to raise money to meet his financial obligations.

The last two weeks have been so tough for me. I have struggled to make things work from all angles but life eganye!
I have been calling my fellow artistes for help but No one wants to pick up my calls since Iam looking for help!
To the extent of starving nga silina nakyakulya! I know you think it’s like a joke right?
Failed to raise the balance for the director to give me my video!
The director Elly Mugisha just had to forgive me and send me the video with the promise that I will pay him in future because I badly wanted to release the song.
Sadly I failed to even raise the funds required to make the release for proper airplay!
I have been in the house for two days alone without food!
NOW IAM SELLING MY CAR! Just to get what to eat and maybe some little money to influence airplay!
Kindly if anyone feels some compassion to help please help!
Any money you give me I Will appreciate!
Call +256 700 958 648 please
May God bless you!

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