GOSSIPPhotographer Hanz Shot Exposes Sheilah Gashumba for Not Paying for His Services

Photographer Hanz Shot Exposes Sheilah Gashumba for Not Paying for His Services

Renowned celebrity photographer Hanz Shot has expressed his disappointment with socialite Sheilah Gashumba for not paying for his services.

While taking part in an interview with Galaxy TV, Han Shot expressed his disappointment with celebrities like Sheilah Gashumba who fail to pay for photographers’ services.

According to Hanz, a while back, Sheilah Gashumba reached out to him in need of his photography services.

After a while of collaboration, Sheilah Gashumba started playing hide and seek when it came to paying for the photos.

When her debts accrued, she opted for other photographers in town and continued to use the same strategies of not paying for the work.

Sheilah Gahsumba

Hanz continued, saying he is not willing to work with Sheilah Gashumba even when she clears her debts because she might continue bothering him.

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He urged young photographers to refuse unpaid work, emphasising that without cash, there would be no shot.


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