NEWSProducer Didi In a Very Worrying State. Calls Out Musicians to Help...

Producer Didi In a Very Worrying State. Calls Out Musicians to Help Him

Veteran producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa is currently living in a very worrying state.

Over a decade back, producer Didi was one of the most prominent producers Uganda has ever had.

He supported a large number of other producers and was the creative force behind numerous tracks, including Party Animal, Mikono Wagulu, Mundeke Numbe, My Miss by Coco Fingure, and Eddy Kenzo’s hit Stamina Remix.

Unfortunately, Didi lost his form before disappearing entirely from the music-producing scene.

Last year, Didi made a comeback, but for all the wrong reasons since his baby mama Nakyanzi Pollini was accusing him of child neglect.

Producer Didi

The most recent reports on our news desk regarding the producer point out that Didi is currently living in a very sorry state.

Taking part in an interview recently, Producer Didi revealed that he is currently in a desperate situation as a result of investing in musicians who have resolutely refused to assist him.

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He went on to say that he tried to get in touch with Eddy Kenzo and King Saha, but was directed to their managers, who also promised to get in touch with him now that it had been three years.

Having secured a ramshackle shelter from a well-wisher, Didi vowed to revive his career, though pledged to whoever can help him fulfill his dream to reach out to him.

Have a look at the video below.

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