EventsWhy the Police Invaded Spice Diana's Concert Before Cutting it short.

Why the Police Invaded Spice Diana’s Concert Before Cutting it short.

13th January 2023, will live on in the memories of Spice Diana and her fans upon holding a successful concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

Numerous celebrities from various spheres of life, including other musicians from all music genres, attended Spice Diana’s much-awaited concert.

Everything at the concert went down as priory planned until the Uganda Police invaded the venue with the intent to end the show.

According to singer Nince Henry, at exactly 11:45 pm, the Police and military through the show backstage ordered the event organizers to shut down the machines, despite having clearance from authorities to end the show at 1:00 Am.

Spice Diana

At the time of the strict orders, Spice Diana had 5 more songs on her playlist including her eagerly awaited song “regular” before she could call it a night.

Nince Henry further states that despite pleading with the Jinja Road DPC for more time, their pleas fell on deaf ears, and ordered the sound system to be turned off.

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Thankfully, Spice Diana was able to sing her final song, “Regular,” even though she exited the stage sobbing because some of her songs couldn’t be performed and she wasn’t able to end her act in the manner she had planned.

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