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Winnie Nwagi Shows Off Her Social Media Prisoners, Vows To Make The List Bigger

If you thought Winnie Nwagi’s unkindness towards misbehaving fans ends at concerts, try disrespecting her on her socials.

Besides clapping back whenever she senses a fan with negative energy, the singer also utilizes her block button on her social media platforms.

On Monday, the Swangz Avenue singer took her Instagram followers through a long list of blocked accounts and vowed to make it bigger.

Winnie Nwagi

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Winnie Nwagi took this step to curb the growing vice of fans calling her disrespecting names and advertising on her social media posts.

The singer who is not ready to stomach disrespect from anyone made it clear that whoever doesn’t like what she does, the unfollow button is the only option.

It’s so easy to join this list… Just advertise on my posts.., call me names…,kwegamba just disrespect me… This is strictly a fans page.., you don’t like what I do… UNFOLLOW MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

Winnie Nwagi

Take a look at the list below.


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